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Resolution VS print size


800 x 600 pixels and more


These specifications allow for 16x12 inch landscape or portrait poster prints.

The higher the resolution of the image, the more size options you will get.


Our intelligent quality check system analyses the uploaded image and tries to fit its resolution to the print products available.

If the resolution fits for the selected product, there will be a ‘Success’ message prompting customers to continue.

Otherwise you will receive a warning that pixel resolution for the uploaded image is too small.


There is a 100 MB size limit for the uploaded file size and practically no limit for the pixel resolution,

an important consideration for printing large format posters.


To understand how quality is determined, first let’s explore a few basic concepts.


What is DPI?

DPI stands for ‘dots per inch’ and also stands for the quality of the print.


Consider a typical 12 Mega Pixels digital camera snapshot of 4000 x 3000 pixel resolution.

What is DPI for this image?

Answer: DPI has no meaning until after we know the size of the print media or other display media for this image.


To better understand this, think for a minute about population density.

The term of people per square kilometer would be analogous to the term of DPI.

If we know the population count, we can only determine the population density when we know the size of the area under consideration.


The same concept works for the term DPI.

If we know the pixel count, then we need to know how big the media is (i.e. ‘area’) to say what the DPI is.


For instance if the print area required is 40” x 30”,

then the DPI is: 4000 pixels / 40 inch = 100 DPI (dots per inch).

Similarly, if the required print is 80” x 60” then the DPI is   4000 pixels / 80 inch = 50 DPI


Similarly, a reverse calculation provides a maximum possible print size for a given image.

E.g. if 50 DPI is satisfactory, then a picture of 4000 x 3000 pixels could be printed on any size up to 80" x 60"


These calculations and decisions regarding requirements provide size available for printing;

it all depends on the pixel resolution of the uploaded image.

The higher the image resolution, the more size options become available.

Take guesswork out of the situation and guarantee satisfaction.