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Fully customized frameless poster
Upload your image and choose size of print, size of border and its color.
Customer's image professionally printed up to customer specification.
Materials: Vinyl based, up to 52 inch on the short side
Produced with ink-jet solvent technology


Intended use

Presentation display for academic, student and research posters, 
Home/office posters for wall and desk decoration when custom size is required
Customers may set any custom size of the print, width of border and its color.
Image proportions will be kept intact following the chosen size


In the package

Customer's image manufactured per chosen size and print media
Trim size of the produt is equal to chosen width and height in inches (borders size is included in width and height).


Accepted formats





Width and Height

Width - Physical width of the print, including border, in inches
Height - Physical height of the print, including border, in inches
Width and height are manually adjustable by using sliders.
Reading on the sliders indicates the minimum and maximum size of the image, depending on image resolution.
Aspect ratio of the print will be adjusted automatically based on selected sizes.
Accuracy of print  up to 0.5 of an inch per each measure



Chose a media best fit to intended use (see media guide)

Border Size

Dropdown list of the available border width sizes


Border Color

 Configurable colorful swatch for border color. By default set to white (no color)


Mount type

 Dropdown list of the available mounts for the poster



To crop image click on the image or push 'CROP' button

  Proportions (aspect ratio) of crop window will follow selected height and width proportions.

Product Sample

Large format wall poster print on self-adhesive vinyl